Workshop New Market

This store, more than any of the previous projects mixes the formula of creating a unique fit-out based on the building housing the store with an interweaving of the company’s retail history. The new design maximizes the inherent generosity of space with a new language of detailing that allows new ceiling-suspended racks to sit comfortably alongside some of the best pieces of the previous Teed St store, some of which date back to the original ’93 design. This reinvention process validates the intent of all the stores to follow a timeless design, eschewing the latest trend of the day. Overall the store presents as the best possible showcase for the Workshop and Helen Cherry collections. It reinforces the values that drive the clothing design, that is, a careful use of quality materials, a critical approach to detailing and construction, and a timeless quality. 

The natural light, warmth of teak, generosity of space and introduction of decorative art pieces, combine to create a most welcoming environment to shop in and provides plenty of interest in addition to the clothing. 

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