This apartment fit out is housed in a 60s brick & concrete building that was originally a boat hotel accessible only from the waters edge. Later redeveloped as an apartment building, it can now be accessed from a steel and glass bridge that spans a steep ravine linking the building to the street. With the building's immediate proximity to the water’s edge, the shallow plan that runs along the building’s face and its situation on the eighth floor, this apartment feels as if it levitates over the water. We worked to enhance this ‘floaty/watery’ quality by opening the planning of the apartment to maximise the views and light, inserting elements such as the ceiling plane and kitchen island unit that literally float and finally with the employment of materials often associated with boating such as teak and stainless steel. The internal bathroom enclosed in walls of translucent glass enhances this ephemeral quality, glowing lantern-like at night and allowing natural light to illuminate the space during the day avoiding use of artificial lighting.

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